In the new production of "Salome" Michiel Dijkema not only directed, but also designs the sets. // In the new production of "Salome", Michiel Dijkema not only directed, but so designs the sets.

Michael Robert Hendrick, opera tenor, is getting makeup and wig applied by Kathleen Keller backstage at the Sarasota Opera.

After two decades of performing operas all over the world, Michael Robert Hendrick always looks forward to coming home to the place where it all began.


Classic tale of tragic clown starts opera season this weekend



PAGLIACCI, by Ruggero Leoncavallo at the Sarasota Opera, 61 N. Pineapple Ave. Premieres 8 p.m. Oct. 31; continues through Nov. 15. Tickets $19-$125. 366-8450;


Dr. Nir, who has a house in Springs, is a Holocaust survivor whose father was killed by German soldiers in 1941. His memoir details his survival, along with his mother and sister, and their return to Poland in 1945.


Janice Hamer: Who should we forgive? Who can ask for forgiveness? Is it appropriate for Germans to wish for the forgiveness of survivors; the guy wasn’t born during the war. Another issue is revenge, what does it mean to take revenge?


“Lost Childhood’s” powerful libretto was inspired by the friendship between Dr. Nir, a New York psychiatrist and professor emeritus at Cornell Medical School, and Gottfried Wagner, a great-grandson of composer Richard Wagner, which developed after they met at a Holocaust conference. They are portrayed in the opera by tenor Michael Hendrick as Judah and baritone Chris Pedro Trakas as Manfred.


Gottfried Wagner, author, director, musicologist and great-grandson of Richard Wagner, had a significant role in the development of "Lost Childhood," an opera about the Holocaust and its aftermath. The work will be performed (in concert form) Saturday at Strathmore. Wagner, who inspired one of the two main characters in the opera, plans to attend the performance.


‘I will protect you,” a father sings in the opera “Lost Childhood” to comfort his 9-year-old son, Julek The tragic irony is that shortly thereafter, the father, emblematic of so many Jewish men, will be marched out of his Lvov, Poland, home and murdered by the Nazis.


Legacies of Holocaust wear heavy for Jew and German in new musical work. Two psychiatrists attending a conference in Manhattan in 1993 meet for a drink in a hotel bar and begin talking, forming the basis for an opera called “Lost Childhood.” Judah is a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust in Poland, and the younger Manfred, born after the war, is the German son of Nazi sympathizers.


At last, the opera a will be performed in its entirety on November 9 at Strathmore Music Center in Bethesda, MD. Columbus listeners will remember tenor Michael Hendrick, who saved our OSU production of Fidelio three years ago. Hendrick takes the role of Judah, with baritone Christopher Pedro Trakas as Manfred.


Baltimore poet wrote libretto to 'Lost Childhood;' Wagner's great-grandson was an inspiration. "Lost Childhood" has a libretto by Baltimore poet Mary Azrael and music by New Jersey native Janice Hamer. The opera focuses on a Jewish psychiatrist who eluded death as a boy in Poland during the war, and a German colleague born into a family with Nazi sympathies.


"The bringing together of two people from opposite sides of an abyss, who initially look upon each other through a stereotypical lens, is the message of this opera," Hamer says, "as relevant to today's conflicts as to the one they lived through."


Join the JCC of Greater Washington for a preview – Lost Childhood composer Janice Hamer and librettist Mary Azrael will present a lecture about the fascinating genesis of this work, and will take us “backstage” to learn about the process of creating an opera and to hear recorded excerpts.


Judah, performed by tenor Michael Hendrick, is based on Nir, a psychiatrist and the author of the memoir The Lost Childhood. The inspiration for Manfred is Nir’s friend Wagner, portrayed by baritone Christopher Trakas. Wagner was a great-grandson of Richard Wagner and a specialist in post-Holocaust dialogue between victims, perpetrators and their descendants.


The vocal cast is mostly composed of Brazilians and Mexicans, reinforced by American tenor Michael Hendrick as Parsifal and Russian soprano Olga Sergeeva as Kundry.

Luiz Fernando Malheiro assina a regência e a direção artística da montagem de 'Parsifal'

Graças à coincidência entre a data do célebre aniversário e o período de realização do FAO, a encenação desta quarta (22) no Teatro Amazonas terá uma aura de comemoração. “Marcamos de propósito para a data de seu bicentenário essa última récita. Para todos nós, envolvidos na apresentação, essa ópera terá um sabor especial”, destaca Luiz Fernando Malheiro


Última apresentação da última ópera escrita por Richard Wagner foi neste dia 22 de maio, data de nascimento do compositor alemão, quando o mundo faz homenagens musicais ao seu bicentenário. Wagner foi um dos homenageados do XVII Festival Amazonas de Ópera (FAO).


On this day, May 22 is the birthday of Richard Wagner, and in several opera houses, celebrates its Bicentennial.

Neste dia 22 de maio é o aniversário de Richard Wagner, e em várias casas de ópera se comemora o seu bicentenário.


American tenor Michael Hendrick is back in Manaus after singing Samson in "Samson and Delilah" in 2009, now to interpret and give life to the title role in Richard Wagner's "Parsifal".

O tenor norte-americano Michael Hendrick volta a Manaus depois de ter feito “Sansão e Dalila”, em 2009, para interpretar agora um papel de Richard Wagner, dando vida à “Parsifal”, na ópera de mesmo nome


On the afternoon of last Sunday (19) during the second performance of the Opera "Parsifal" by Richard Wagner, a group of people with visual disabilities can count on more new feature offered by the Government of Amazonas State, through the Ministry of culture: the menu of Cafe Teatro Amazonas in Braille. The material has been made available and delivered free of charge to present.

Na tarde do último domingo (19), durante a segunda apresentação da ópera "Parsifal", de Richard Wagner, um grupo de pessoas com deficiência visual pode contar com o mais novo recurso oferecido pelo Governo do Estado do Amazonas, por meio da Secretaria de Cultura: o cardápio do Café do Teatro Amazonas em Braille. O material foi disponibilizado e entregue gratuitamente aos presentes.


Considered one of the most profound and philosophical operas of Richard Wagner, who died soon after his debut, "Parsifal" has nearly 5 hours and two breaks in the assembly of the seventeenth Amazonas Opera Festival (FAO). Sunday at 17h, has his second recitation. Check out a summary of the synopsis before the grand composition:

Considerada uma das óperas mais profundas e filosóficas de Richard Wagner, que morreu logo após sua estreia, "Parsifal" tem quase 5 horas de duração e dois intervalos na montagem do XVII Festival Amazonas de Ópera (FAO). Neste domingo, às 17h, tem sua segunda récita. Confira antes um resumo da sinopse da grandiosa composição:


The eternal quest for the spear that wounded Jesus on the cross and the Holy Grail, Holy Cup used at the last supper, and all these Christian relics represent, are the starting point for "Parsifal"

A eterna busca pela lança que feriu Jesus na cruz e o Santo Graal, cálice sagrado usado na última ceia, e tudo o que estas relíquias cristãs representam, são ponto de partida para "Parsifal".


Tickets for the performance of "Parsifal", this Sunday, 19, 5:00 pm, are exhausted.

Os ingressos para a récita de "Parsifal", neste domingo, 19, às 17h, estão esgotados.


Ópera de Richard Wagner terá mais duas récitas no FAO 2013, dias 19 e 22 de maio, no Teatro Amazonas. Fotos: Milena di Castro.


Última ópera escrita por Richard Wagner toma o palco do Teatro Amazonas e terá récitas dias 19 e 22 de maio.


O XVII Festival Amazonas de Ópera chega a seu ápice nesta quinta-feira, 16, às 18h, no Teatro Amazonas, com a aguardada estreia de “Parsifal”, a última ópera de Richard Wagner, um dos grandes momentos desta temporada da música lírica mundial.


Última ópera escrita em vida por Richard Wagner estreia nesta quinta, dia 16, no XVII Festival Amazonas de Ópera (FAO). Ingressos à venda na bilheteria do Teatro Amazonas.


The long-awaited premiere of "Parsifal" by Richard Wagner, in the XVII the Amazon Opera Festival, is the highlight of the cultural programming this week, promoted by the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of State for culture.

A aguardada estreia do espetáculo “Parsifal”, de Richard Wagner, no XVII Festival Amazonas de Ópera, é o grande destaque da programação cultural desta semana.

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